Food Bin Labels

Food Bin Labels

Last week the TAP Fremont store donated 15 pieces of .118 P95 Matte Finish Black acrylic to the Santa Clara Unified School District's Farm Stand. (Check them out at They sanded the edges and softened the corners to make custom signage for their produce baskets. The matte side of P95 Matte Black is ideal for writing with chalk pens. A small donation for an innovative program.

TAP Fremont looks forward to continuing their support of this unique program. See Jennifer's kind comments below.

Hi Gretchen,

Thank you for the donation of the black acrylic! I wanted to share a photo of what I made with them. I attached the pieces to clothespins and created signs to label the food being sold at the Santa Clara Unified School District’s Farm Stand. Before that, we were writing on plain paper bags, so this is a huge upgrade!

The food grown at The Farm directly supports the kids by going into school cafeterias and profits from the farm stand is reinvested back into the school. Your donation is much appreciated and, with your permission, the District would like to add your business name to their website thanking their donors.

Thank you,
Jennifer Ma