TAP Article: DIY Closet Organization

Is it getting a little difficult to close your closet door completely? Perhaps you’re beginning to dread opening the closet in fear of random objects falling from a messy shelf. Do you have to walk over your favorite shoes, trousers, purses or clothing, and other stored items in a manner that makes it feel less than safe? It’s time to organize your closet. Small, spacious, walk-in or tiny under the stair closets can all be transformed into tidy, extremely useful spaces. With these wonderful DIY suggestions and guides, we can have your clothes, shoes, and more neatly at the ready and found with a single glance. 

Before you can organize, you need the space to do so. If your closet is packed tight, you need a spot to start with. This is an excellent time to:

Sort what to keep and what to toss or donate. Items you wear on a daily or weekly basis should be placed in the most easily accessible spot.

If you are looking to paint or decorate, doing that first –before organizing everything but during the time you’ve cleaned everything out—would be a good idea.

Remember to go at your own pace. Organizing takes time and patience at first, but the payoff is so worth it!

The best way to ensure that you can see what is in each container, whether it’s on the floor or stored on a shelf is to place things in a clear container. Clear containers make it as easy as a single glance to know where the items you are looking for are, and what is in the container without having to open and close them until you find what you are looking for. 

Customize the Clear
Closets with odd dimensions? Do you have the perfect idea for storage containers, but nothing fits your idea? Customizing is a snap with a wide range of acrylic sheets, plexiglass, polycarbonate UV2 sheets, even bulletproof acrylic can be customized for the ultimate in safety and storage! You can also place or affix handles or knobs for a quick and accessible grasp of a custom container. 

Designer Display
For your precious designer bags, shoes, or most essential items, store and organize them with style and protection with a clear acrylic collapsible display or a clear acrylic riser. The display can be easily broken down and stored for moving or for moving your item to display it elsewhere. The risers, delicate and see-through allow you to display a favorite item on top while providing extra storage right below it. 

Declutter Makeup or Favorite Jewelry
For those of you with gorgeous walk-in closets that double as or have to make up vanities or have jewelry stored there, color-coordinate makeup or jewelry with clear or colored containers—like our M series colored plastic boxes for tidy, neat and easy organization. They also make a wonderful, colorful, and fun addition to any kids’ closet, especially if your child loves figurines and action figures! 

Placing your everyday makeup or frequently worn earrings in a clear desk organizer keeps them at hand and ready to go, while you only need to take a quick look to find what you need instead of digging through drawers or a messy jewelry box. A swab holder makes q tips go from zero to beautiful in just a few seconds too. 

Crafty Closets
If you are a crafter, you know how difficult it can be to store and organize sewing supplies, beads, jewelry making accessories, small tools and all the tiny bits and pieces that go into your creations. Dust off the single box or container that’s been messily bothering you for months and organize your crafting supply easily with flex-hinge plastic boxes, infinite divider system that is flexible and can be changed to fit differing small supplies. Or check out a Tuff Trainer that can be used with anything from beads right up to a tackle storage box. Plastic toolboxes can be the perfect solution to painting supplies, clay, and of course, tool storage! 

Even the smallest craft supplies can be stored without worry of them falling into nooks and crannies with clear, round pillboxes. 

Clear Plastic Hangers and Rods. Subtle, Versatile Wall Storage
Use your wall space! For hanging embroidery, cloth, favorite outfits, even shoes, and scarves—hanging them up neatly can make a world of difference when you need to roll out of bed and don’t have time to look for what you need. 

Clear plastic fabric hangers are an affordable and incredibly versatile means of organizing. You can use mini clips to hang your favorite scarves so that they lay flat and neat. Not to mention how much easier it would be to pick which one you want to wear that day, or what matches with what you are wearing within seconds. Or if you need a place for your hats, the same for scarves can be applied—even necklaces and purses can be hung with clear plastic fabric hangers or clear plastic rods cut to your specifications. 

To specifically showcase your gorgeous hat, scarf, jewelry or purse collection, clear hangers, or rods are a subtle touch that won’t distract from your beautiful accessories. 

For a floating effect, an acrylic sheet with mounting hardware, with some suction hooks can make smaller pieces like necklaces and jewelry look like floating framed art while still being conveniently organized and easy to find. 

Grab and Go Sunglasses
For a cute and charming means to store sunglasses, a clear plastic picture frame with vinyl suction cup hangers can keep it classy while keeping your sunglasses from being scratched, lost, or broken. 

Get tubular with your shoes
Getting your shoes off the floor and vertical will save you so much floor space in your closet as well as giving your closet an instantly de-cluttered effect. Go upward with clear cast acrylic tubing cut into same length pieces. To make this shoe holder, it’s as simple as laying all the tubes, hole side down on a flat even surface and start adding your TAP Acrylic cement to hold it all together in any shape you desire. Once the glue is dry, set it up or choose to add a fun colored acrylic backing sheet for added stability and a chic look. Place it up, and place shoes inside! Done! Because it’s clear, you can quickly grab the right color with just a glance to find and grab. 

Or Go Rad with Rods
Your favorite heels and stiletto shoes will look fantastic and neat hung by hooking those heels into a clear acrylic rod. Stacking them upwards on a wall gets them off the floor, preventing you from tripping over them, keeping them from marking one another and the possibilities on how to organize them: by color, by size, becomes endless. Any of TAP Plastics acrylic tubes can be drilled, sawed, painted and decorated too. And if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, you can tell us what size you need and we can cut them to fit any closet space! 

Speaking of Tubular, Do That to Your Dresser Drawers Too
Especially fantastic for dresser drawers with messy, small pieces of clothing. Bathing suits, socks, undergarments or perhaps the drawers in your makeup vanity. Using clear acrylic tubes can keep everything separate and coordinated perfectly. 

Or Cube Your Dresser Drawers
If you don’t like the look of tubes in your dresser drawers, you can organize everything from small to large in a pinch with cubes. Our colorful canisters come in all sorts of heights to cater to drawer needs but are all the same width so that they can be placed snugly beside each other. These would make the perfect drawer de-clutter. Find earrings, socks, favorite swimsuit or more by placing them in these canisters, not to mention find a touch of happiness with the brilliant, joyful colors to choose from. 

Endless DIY possibilities with TAP Plastics

All these ideas can be implemented in any closet with virtually any of your belongings. These tips can help de-clutter a hallway closet, your kid’s closet, or yours. Getting the perfect look with organizing is as simple as once click with TAP Plastics, honing your creativity and keeping your closet beautiful at the same time!