3M™ Resin Fibre Discs

  • Heavyweight fibre backing is tough and durable
  • Versatile disc can tackle many applications, from grinding to blending
  • Used with portable tools for easier access to the workpiece
  • Closed-coat construction provides good grain density and durability
  • Resin bond withstands heat and stabilizes the disc under pressure and heat to increase productivity
  • Available in two grits

3M™ Resin Fibre Discs are versatile and general-purpose metalworking discs designed to help with various applications from grinding, weld removal & finishing to blending on common metals like carbon steel.

Durable and Dependable
3M™ Resin Fibre Discs are engineered by adhering aluminum oxide mineral to a fibre backing. The closed coat construction on 3M™ Fibre Disc means mineral grains cover nearly 100% of the backing, so the abrasive is durable under pressure. The stiff fibre backing is extremely durable, withstanding wear while standing up to tough applications like beveling.

Tips for Optimal Use
Altogether, fibre discs are durable abrasive discs that deliver a fast cut for grinding and weld removal, and they come in a range of sizes to correspond to large or small welds. Fibre discs also work well for blending (creating a smooth surface after weld removal) and provide a consistent finish over the workpiece. These discs may be used with portable tools, facilitating easier access with the workpiece. For optimal performance, the disc should be used with a faceplate of the appropriate density for the application—a lighter density face plate for finer grade applications and a harder density face plate for more coarse grinding applications. Using the correct faceplate for the application ensures that the abrasive mineral will re-sharpen, maximizing the life of the abrasive.

Suitable for General Purpose Metalworking
When it comes to 3M™ Resin Fibre Disc product offerings, it is recommended that operators choose the performance level suited to their unique project needs. 3M™ Resin Fibre Disc offers an economical solution for a general-purpose metalworking disc because it can perform well on various projects without sacrificing performance. Given its versatility, you'll find the 3M™ Resin Fibre Disc is applicable in many markets, as evidenced by its use in the marine and metalworking industries as well as in maintenance and repair operations. 3M™ Resin Fibre Disc is a great multi-purpose disc that's good to have on hand.