Resin and Paint Rollers

Resin Rollers provide the quickest way to apply an even coat of resin. Solvent resistant roller cover specially designed for fiberglass and epoxy industrial applications. The fabric pressed on the phenolic coated hard-fiber board core which resists regular exposure to MEK, acetone, etc. If an ordinary paint roller used for fiberglassing, the resin often dissolves the roller core and causes the cover dye to bleed, discoloring the project.

Fine Finish Roller (red)
Woven red mohair blend. 1/8" nap. Solvent-resistant phenolic core.

Semi-Smooth Finish Roller (white)
All purpose polyester nap of 3/8" with solvent-resistant phenolic core.

Epoxy Lint-Free Finish Roller (black)
Foam enamel cover with phenolic core. 3/16" nap. Especially for epoxy; lint-free finish.

TAP Video: Fiberglass Rollers