Rapid Tac

Vinyl Letter and Window Film Application 
The Original Rapid Tac Application Fluid is a fast, easy, quality installation of graphics with no bubbles, even in cold weather. Rapid Tac Application Fluid shocked installers by allowing them more control over their applications than ever before. Now what took hours could be accomplished in minutes. Using Rapid Tac Application fluid can often allow a large graphic installed with one person where two people were required to perform the same installation dry.
Rapid Tac Application Fluid also cleans the substrate without leaving residues, ensuring a contaminant-free installation. It then helps to "float" the vinyl film until appropriately positioned. Rapid Tac Application Fluid's best feature is that it effectively breaks the film's adhesive surface tension, allowing it to flow and bond to the substrate more effectively than a dry application. It is now possible to achieve a full bond in as little as ninety seconds. Your customers and your reputation will benefit from higher-quality applications. Your bottom line will benefit from faster applications and fewer failures as well.