Fiberglass Auto Body and Boat Repair Patch and Filler

Dynatron® Dynalite Filler is a flexible lightweight filler for automotive, marine, and industrial patching and filling. Fillet sharp contours to prepare for fiberglassing or painting. Repair dented, wrinkled, or gouged surfaces. Patch cracked, broken, or eroded walls and floors.

Every can of Dynatron® Dynalite Filler contains millions of microspheres (tiny hollow balls), which replace much of the talc in conventional fillers-making this product light in weight. A fast mixing, non-separating filler with a smooth texture that is easy to spread. Use on metal, wood, concrete, and fiberglass surfaces—few pinholes. Files and sands easily. Excellent adhesion. Approximately 10 minutes of working time.

Quart kit contains 26 fl. ounces plus 1 oz. Hardener
Gallon kit contains .8 gal plus 4 oz. Hardener