TAP Poly-Weld Adhesive

TAP Poly-Weld Adhesive: Imagine being able to structurally bond Polyethylene! This material has been virtually impossible in the past. With a simple flame treatment and Poly-Weld, one can create strong joints on Low, Medium, or High-Density Polyethylene. The famous marine King StarBoard®, also a polyethylene blend, can now be joined with Poly-Weld! Use for a tank, door, pipe, irrigation, pond, marine, float, & automotive body repairs. It also bonds polypropylene, ABS, PVC, ceramics, rubber, fiberglass, metals, and glass. Exterior-rated. Non-sag formula.

NOTE: 2 oz. (57 gram) package requires Dispensing Gun and optional additional Mixing Tubes. Mixing tubes and Dispensing Gun are only for use with the 2oz/57Gram quantity. Dispensing gun and mixing tip automatically mixes adhesive. One ounce package requires manual mixing. 15-30 minute working time. 24 hour cure.
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TAP Video: How to glue polyethylene