Magnetic Sheeting - Gloss White

Magnetic Sheeting - Gloss White
  • Magnum flexible magnetic sheeting is a thermoplastic, permanent magnetic product.
  • High-intensity, multi-pole magnetic arrangement.
  • Superior holding power on most metallic surfaces.
  • Standard magnetization on the non-laminated side of flexible sheeting.
Roll Size: .030 x 24 3/8" x 50'

Magnum® flexible magnetic sheeting performs well in adverse weather (such as rain, sleet and snow), and in temperatures from -15° F to 160° F (-26° C to 71° C).

Typical Physical Properties
Hardness: Shore D60
Specific Gravity: 3.5
Shrinkage: <1.5% @ 158° F (70° C), 7 days
Tensile Strength: 700 psi (49 kg/cm2)

At 68° F (20° C), our high-quality magnetic material can be coiled to a 1/2" (12.7 mm) radius without cracking.

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WARNING: This product contains chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects, or other reproductive harm (California law requires this warning be given to customers in the State of California)
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