Plastic Plate Stands and Displays, Acrylic Plate Holders

Now you can show your delicate china plates, exquisite crystal, fine silver, or special souvenir on sturdy clear acrylic stands which, while almost invisible, safely hold those precious pieces you prize.

Acrylic Plate Stands
#1-0: The ornament stand 3" in height, will hold plates up to 8" in diameter.
#2-P: The plate stand 4" in height, will hold plates up to 10-1/2" in diameter.
#3-S: Two-piece cup and saucer setting. 5716" long
#4-D: For your "dished" plates, platters and some trays.
#5-M: For "butter-patties," coins, and small (under 3") plates.

Acrylic Plate Hangers
Plate hangers can now be chosen by the thickness of the plate, not the diameter. This new concept on the plate hangers provides miniature plates and extra-large, deeper, or "dished" plates. There is no pressure on the antique plates to cause a fine crackle on the glaze.

#6-MH Miniature Plate Holder
#7-PH Plate Hanger

Acrylic Egg Stands Holders
These egg stands are designed to hold decorative eggs of varied sizes. The stands also accommodate marbles and crystals equally well. They will even nest to raise an object for better display. Each stand is reversible, so the small (#11-ES) stand will take a quail (or smaller); reversed, a chicken.

#11-ES Small Egg Stand
#12-EL Large Egg Stand

Acrylic Cup Holders and Plate Settings
For those who wish to display their lovely dinner service in their home china cabinet.

#13 PCS: holds a single plate and cup & saucer. 7916” long
#14 PLS: holds four plates and a cup. 10116” long