Polycarbonate Sheets - Thin Gauge

Sheet size, colors, thicknesses and products available on our website are just a fraction of what's available at TAP Plastics store. 

Our thin gauge polycarbonate sheets offer superior performance in applications that require optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical characteristics. They are the highest quality graphic arts films.These films are easily printed without special inks or need for pre-treatment and handle superbly in die cutting, embossing, thermoforming, hot stamping and many other fabrication processes.

Our Polycarbonate Films deliver superior clarity, dimensional stability, impact resistance and dielectric properties.

They can be used in a variety of applications, including: instrument panel overlays, membranes with graphic panels, decals, labels, backlit displays, menu boards, medical applications, dial indicators, scales, thermoformed parts, cold-embossed parts, die-cut items and coating applications. These applications cover a wide industry base: automotive, appliance, computer, electronic, medical and display.

Gloss sheet comes in .005, .010, .015, .020, and .030 thickness. Sheet size: 2 ft x 4 ft.

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Did you know that polycarbonate is often called lexan