Acrylic Hinge 2

The “Acryl-Hinge 2” is a strong, optically-clear hinge that is designed to glue to acrylic sheet. The large cementing areas feature Micro Dots™ on the surface for perfect bonds when using acrylic cement.
  • Reinforcing ribs
  • Durable, self-lubricating transparent pin
  • Colors: clear, white, black

C (bottom of hinge to top of barrel)

Note: There are two basic ways that a plastic hinge is installed: either “wrapped” around a 90° corner, or “flat”.

Wrapped Install
For WRAPPED INSTALLS, the Acryl-Hinge 2 will work on acrylic sheet thicknesses of up to ¼”. For sheet thicknesses greater than ¼”, the edges of the sheets must be beveled 45° to accommodate the hinge.

Flat Install
For FLAT INSTALLS, the Acryl-Hinge 2 will work on most acrylic sheet thicknesses without modification.

TAP Video: Acrylic Hinges