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TAP Plastics carries unique novelty items for gifts, travel, personal care and more! Plastic Paper Clips, Artist Pallet, Pill Boxes, Luggage and I.D. Tags, Key Links, Coin Holders, Collapsible Plastic Cups, Coin Banks, Kaleidoscope Kit and Magnifier.

Plastic is such a fun and versatile material. Most people know just how valuable plastic is to DIY enthusiasts, but did you know that plastic items can also make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions? We offer a wide selection of fun and unique gifts that are great for artists and hobbyists of all kinds. We carry an assortment of novelty plastic gifts that can also be used for travel, personal care, and other purposes. Our selection features an array of tools and supplies that can help craft enthusiasts get a jumpstart on any project. We carry a wide range of clips, cable ties, and other useful accessories. Explore our selection of unique plastic gifts today!

You can inspire any young artist to use more colors in everyday life by giving the gift of an acrylic paint pallet that features a glassy-smooth surface for mixing oils, alkyds, or acrylic paints. Do you have a young collegiate in the family? Our plastic coin holders are perfect for clipping to laundry baskets for coin-operated washers and dryers, or you can keep them in the car for unexpected tolls and parking fees. We offer bright, lightweight cups that collapse into pocket-size pillboxes and double as water-tight drinking cups. We also offer screw-top pillboxes to keep medications, vitamins, and mints in one convenient place. If someone you know is always misplacing keys, check out our plastic key links.

At TAP Plastics, we believe that some of the best gifts are made of materials we use every day. Our selection of novelty plastic gifts is a great place to find unusually useful items and craft supplies. If you need any help finding a specific product, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. We strive to provide a shopping experience unlike any other. While shopping from our selection of unique plastic gifts, don’t forget to create an account so you can enjoy fast checkouts, print receipts, and track orders with ease.