TirePlast® - Rubber Mats, Plastic Mats, Truck Bed Liners, Mud Flaps and More!

  • $51.50

TAP Plastics now carries TIREPLAST®. This recycled rubber, a patented combination of recycled rubber (from tires) and plastic, is environmentally friendly and allows for custom product specifications. An excellent replacement for the most natural and synthetic rubber, TIREPLAST® has low-temperature impact toughness, tensile strength, chemical resistance, flexibility, and sound deadening capabilities.

TIREPLAST® can be used in endless applications such as:

• mats & runners
• pick-up truck bed liners
• mud flaps
• bumpers
• anti-skid materials

• splash guards
• treadmill mats
• roof underlayment
• counter top mats
• and more

TIREPLAST® is resistant to many chemicals including:

• alcohol
• anti-freeze
• diesel fuel
• gasoline
• grease
• vegetable oil

• hydraulic oil
• kerosene
• motor oil
• distilled water
• salt water

Surface: Safety Grip one side, rough on the other
Thickness: .100"
Colors: Black
Size: 4' x 8'

TirePlast Material Specifications