Plastic Cabochons

Cast Acrylic Cabochons. Beautiful, crystal-clear acrylic half spheres. Polished surface is flawlessly smooth. Combine with spheres or use alone for custom acrylic work. 8 sizes available: 1/2" up to 3".

All cabochons have a minimum order amount.

Please note: The bottom of the 1/2" cabochons are slightly concave.

Cabochons have a diameter tolerance of ± .005" and a sphericity of .005"
  Specific Gravity
  Water Absorption
  Hardness, Rockwell
  M80 - M100
  Vicat Softening Point
  201 F / 94 C
  Tensile Strength
  8120 psi
  UL94 HB
  Melting Point
  300 F / 150 C
  Visible Transmission
  Heat Detection Temperature
  169 F / 76 C
  Refractive Index