StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer/Filler

StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer

  • Its super-thin viscosity seeps deep into the cavities of dry rotted wood, infiltrating the tiny capillary-like crevices that thicker sealers don’t penetrate.
  • The low-VOC formula contains no solvents, so not only is it safer to use, there is no time wasted waiting for solvents to off-gas.
  • The Sealer does not need to fully cure before applying the Filler; once the Sealer is tacky, Filler can be applied over it, and the two will cure together
  • Low-odor makes it more pleasant to use.
  • It also is an excellent adhesion-promoting primer for epoxy-compatible topcoats and water-based paints, on both repaired and new wood.

StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler

  • Trowel-grade, non-sag, no-shrink consistency makes it perfect for overhead/vertical repairs
  • Easy to mix, either using the nozzle that comes with a cartridge (which automatically mixes Parts A & B in the precise ratio) or when mixing in bulk with a low-speed drill and paddle mixer.
  • It cures on damp surfaces, even underwater.
  • Rapid cure time filled surfaces is usually ready to sand in as little as 3 hours, reducing the time to complete repair projects.
  • The Filler also can be used as a fairing compound to fill air bubbles and voids that may occur while sanding the repaired wood.
  • It also is a super multi-purpose adhesive for other surfaces, such as fiberglass, tile, stone, etc.

Both professional and do-it-yourself customers will welcome the availability of StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer and StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler in easy-to-use coaxial cartridges. Each cartridge comes with a nozzle that automatically mixes a precise ratio of Part A and Part B, and fits into a standard 10 oz. caulking gun for flow-control installation.

Click here for StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer Data Sheet.
Click here for StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler Data Sheet.