Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film

Clear, scratch-resistant, 4-mil Safety Window Film acts like a steel curtain to hold shattered glass in place, helping to protect your family from serious harm. Safety film offers UV protection as well—blocking up to 98% of damaging ultra-violet rays.

Children/Accidents: Sliding glass doors and running children often collide. With a clear 4-mil Safety Film the shattered glass is held in place, reducing chances of injury.

Earthquakes/Storms: Windows can shatter into fragments, sending shards of flying glass into the room. Safety Film holds broken window glass in place, reducing chances of injury.

Break-Ins: Windows are your weakest link of security. Clear Safety Film discourages break-ins by making entry through a window difficult.

Graffiti Protection: Cover windows, mirrors, and glass doors with clear, scratch-resistant Safety Film to reduce the cost of vandalism. Broken glass, when covered with Safety Film, is easier to replace and reduces cleanup.

Film Type
Roll Length
Visible Light Transmission
Reflective Index*
UV Trans.
Solar Heat Rejected
*How “shiny” the film appears from outside—as a reference, plain glass is 8% (60% is very shiny)

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Safety Window Film