E-6000/E-6100 Adhesives

This item is a shipping hazard and can only ship via ground delivery within the continental United States.
E-6000 is a unique adhesive formulated to meet high-performance industrial requirements, adhering to more surfaces than virtually any other adhesive, including wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry, concrete, leather, rubber, vinyl and many plastics! 

  • Highly flexible: Bonds dissimilar materials which expand at differing rates; can bond items subject to vibration or high wear
  • Self-leveling
  • Tack time: 5 minutes, full cure time: thin film: 24 hrs; thick film: 48-72 hrs
  • Temperature range: -40° - +150°F, will not become brittle in cold weather
  • non-flammable when cured
  • Chemical resistant when exposed to dilute acids and dilute caustics
  • Waterproof: Can be submerged in fresh and salt water after cure
  • Paintable: Paint to match surrounding area or make UV-resistant
E-6100, with all the strength and adhesive properties of E-6000, is the thicker non-sag formulation that won't slump or run, allowing for maximum control. This translucent-clear adhesive is ideal for overhead and vertical use and wherever nails won't work.