CleanUp Solvent 22

CleanUp Solvent 22
Cleanup Solvent 22 is a safe-to-use, fast-drying solvent ideal for removing paper masking, oil and grease, scuffs, gum, asphalt, crayon marks, adhesive residue, fingerprints and more while leaving no residue!

Cleanup Solvent 22 works great on many surfaces, including floors, carpets, wood, metal, walls, vehicles, glass, clothing and more. Based on performance tests, it is safe to use on many plastics, including acrylic (will not craze flame-polished edges), polycarbonate, and abrasion-resistant acrylic.

Since it is non-oily, Cleanup Solvent 22 requires no rinse and leaves a clean, dry surface.

Cleanup Solvent 22 is safe-to-use for the user and the environment:
  • contains no chlorinated solvents or CFC's
  • low-odor, low-toxicity (NFPA toxicity rating of 0)
  • meets California air restrictions for solvents
Click here for Plastic Sheets Care Product Bulletin.
This item is a shipping hazard and can only ship via ground delivery within the United States and Canada.
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